Our Ministries

The Glory of God Parish Exeter has several ministries designed to encourage and equip every member of your family. Whether you are married or single, a man or woman of any age, a student, or a child, we have a ministry designed just for you and also to meet the needs of members of the church and the community.

Our ministries epitomize everything about our vision, beliefs, and mission statement. It is one body with different arms working toward the same goals and objectives. Our ministries have inbuilt standards that could speak of the ideals of Christ across the terrains of our nations, cultures, and backgrounds.

Each ministry deals with the specific needs of church members and the community. Some of the ministries are based on gender and age while others are set up for all.

The purpose of every ministry is to develop each individual in a deeper knowledge of God, have a relationship with Christ, and provide support or help for individuals as required. The ministries enable members to bring practical application to their faith.

Please find the list of Ministries available at Glory of God Parish below:

mens ministry

Men Ministry (Men Of Glory Fellowship)

This is a group that comprises of the men in the church. Their responsibility is to support the vision of the church and the servant of God, building on their spiritual gifts and developing skills and potentials that will make them have greater influence in the church and the society at large.

The vision and purpose of the “Men of Glory” as follows:

  •  Bring men to a saving relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ
  •  Equip men to teach and serve others to be world changers for Christ
  • Grow men in Spiritual maturity to be Christ-like and to make
  • GOD bigger and better to an unbelieving world (John17:4)
Exeter Women Ministry

Women Ministry (RCCG Glorious Women Exeter)

This group provides opportunities for women to come together to foster unity among themselves and within the church. They bring together spiritual giftings and talents to discover God’s purpose for them and positively impart the vision of the church.

  • Change the lives of women;
  • Transform women in the communities where RCCG is located
  • Improved relationship with the RCCG Communities
  • Transform Leadership
  • Increase the  involvement of Parish Pastors’ wives and female Parish Pastors;
  • An Annual National Conference
  • An Annual Retreat
  • Active participation in the RCCG National Convention
  • Establish yearly spiritual goals
  • Establish prayer and counseling support
  • Effective Communication and Information to all women


youth ministry

The Youth Ministry

The Youth ministry is a place where the “Youth” do the “Ministry” and the voice of our next generation is being heard today.

 The Youth Ministry at Glory of God Parish equips young adults to declare, communicate, and demonstrate the purpose, power, precepts, and principles of the Kingdom of God.

 The youth ministry caters for teenagers and young adults of the church. Session runs concurrently with Sunday services and entails praise and worship, Bible teachings, prayer, and other fun activities. Areas of taught includes: Prayer, Worship, Confidence, Relationships, Attitudes etc.

The youth group is taught by dedicated teacher who has heart for young people.

    Children's religious program

    Children's Ministry

    “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it.’ Proverbs 22:6”

    Our goal is to develop character, respect and integrity in the children we serve through biblically-based and reality-conscious teaching in a fun and relaxing atmosphere that hold God’s presence. Our mission is to introduce children to Jesus Christ in a manner that transform their lives by encouraging them to develop a personal relationship with Him through prayer and a solid foundation of biblical truths.

    The session run concurrently with Sunday services which usually involves praise and worship, Bible teachings, prayer and other related activities such as games.

    Each group is taught by dedicated teaching team using Bible based curriculum. This entails different learning styles, allowing each child to participate in the lessons.

    The Children’s Ministry at Glory of God Parish is for all children. 

    Sunday School

    Sunday School Ministry

    This is a ministry of the church that imbibes the teaching and lesson of God’s words through the Bible. It is an avenue to bring to the children of God the in-depth study of the bible and an opportunity to interact, in the area of questions and answer in order to feed on spiritual food and equip ourselves with the undiluted word of God.

    The session runs from 10:00am to 10:45am every sunday.

    House fellowship

    House Fellowship

    Welcome to The Redeemed Christian Church of God House Fellowship. The House Fellowships are small groups that meet at various homes of members. The purpose is to share knowledge and wisdom, learn about discipleship, evangelism, and practical christianity in our community. We have various House Fellowship Centres across Exeter . We encouraged you to join a house fellowship center near you or make use of our online House Fellowship manual for your house fellowship sessions and for your personal spiritual development.


    Prayer Team

    We are a team of prayer champions and intercessors dedicated to praying for the vision and mandate of the church. We constantly bring the praise and petitions of the church and church members before the throne of God. We take prayer requests and burdens of members to God with the help of the Holy Spirit by constant and persistent prayer. The prayer team meet once in a week. You are welcome to join us.

    evangelism and outreach

    Evangelism And Outreach

    We follow the mandate of our Lord Jesus Christ by reaching out in love to people in our community, preaching the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ to all and encouraging the less privileged in our society by meeting their needs.

    RCCG Exeter Drama Ministry<br />

    Drama Ministry

    Join the RCCG Exeter Drama Ministry and use your talents to share the gospel. Enjoy inspiring and entertaining performances that reflect the church’s values and vision. Develop your skills, creativity, and fellowship with others. Contact us to know more about our rehearses. Email info@rccgexeter.org for more info.

    RCCG<br />
Exeter Choir

    Choir Ministry

    Join RCCG Exeter Choir Ministry and praise God with your voice. Sing uplifting and spirit-filled songs that glorify God and edify His people. Participate in special events and programs. To know about our rehearses, contact us at Wonford Centre. Email info@rccgexeter.org for more info.

    To Join any of the Ministry above and become a Worker in our Parish, kindly send your Application Letter to info@rccgexeter.org

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